What we do


We invite you to get acquainted with our work in Spain and in other countries that has provided us with more gratification in the human and spiritual areas than we have been able to contribute materially. This is a reflection of the meaning of the words that compose the name of our NGO, Fiet Gratia, which translated from Latin means “to give by grace”.

Our calling is to work on the behalf of those in greatest need of the most fundamental rights, of those most vulnerable to social injustice, of the victims of the horrible cruelty of human trafficking, of those who in search of a better life end up trapped in the nightmare of Mafia networks, of those who because they have been born in a certain geographical place or in a certain social sector or a certain religion are condemned to an existence without a future.

We have decided to renounce passivity and indifference to make a difference that will change the history of an individual, a family, or a community.

We hope that after discovering our work through this webpage, you will be encouraged to participate in one of our projects through the various options we have made available to you. Please contact us if you would like more information about who we are or if you have any questions.

Our Projects

Project Rescue
Asociación Nuevos Pasos
New begining