FIET GRATIA is a Latin phrase which means “to give by grace“, and it reflects the character of our non-profit organization. FIET GRATIA was founded in Spain in 2009 and operates internationally as a non-profit organization of humanitarian aid and development.


The objective of FIET GRATIA is to create opportunities for the advancement of the most underprivileged individuals in vulnerable situations without discrimination of race, sex, religion, social class, or political affiliation.


 Our vision for FIET GRATIA is to bring restoration and wholeness to the victims of injustice and poverty, those at risk of social exclusion, and especially to the victims of human trafficking and sexual exploitation who have been stripped of dignity and hope.
For that reason, we see our vision reflected in the words of Proverbs 31:9

” Open your mouth, judge with justice, and defend the rights of the afflicted and needy.”Proverbs 31:9

Our Projects

Project Rescue
Asociación Nuevos Pasos
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