Fiet Gratia India

FIET GRATIA has worked with children at risk in India since 2011. Several trips have
been made to a variety of cities to provide social aid, medical campaigns, training
workshops, and children’s events.

Where we are

Project Rescue Home in Nagpur

The International Work Organization estimates that 15% of the 2.3 million workers in the sex trade in India are minors. They are exploited sexually in brothels, massage parlors, nightclubs, beauty salons, hotels, escort services, private homes, as well as train and bus stations, streets and public parks.

This residential home serves 130 children who come from extreme poverty, and
provides schooling for 7,000 children. It also reaches out to the Tharu tribe in the jungles on the border with Nepal.


The home in Maharashtra provides room and board for 100 children, most of whom are orphans, and it is situated in the red light district of the city. We have also assisted 15 adolescents who had been sold as minors into sexual slavery.
Each one has been restored thanks to the House of Hope of Project Rescue, and they are now studying to complete professional degrees.