Through Project Rescue – Spain we offer holistic assistance to women in vulnerable situations: victims of human trafficking, prostituted women, victims of domestic violence, forced marriages, and women persecuted for ethnic, religious, or political motives.

Presently thousands of women in Spain work in prostitution, although the great majority of these women are actually victims of human trafficking. Spain has become one of the preferred countries of human traffickers both as a place of transit and as a final

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As a first phase of detection of victims of human trafficking, we are visiting
undocumented women at the Detention Center for Foreigners in Madrid. The objective is to establish contact, listen to their needs, provide immediate aid, and offer the possibility of receiving more assistance upon leaving the center.


In 2013 Project Rescue-Spain opened a residence home for at-risk women. Our home “New Beginning” is a place where each woman can recuperate and make steps toward her complete restoration and reintegration into society.
Our work begins with awareness, prevention, and direct intervention, and progresses toward the total restoration and reinsertion of the women who have been victims through the provision of:

Legal services


Educational and occupational assistance


Voluntary return to country of origin


Medical care


Emotional and spiritual support