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We invite you to learn about our work within Spain, as well as outside our borders.

Our calling is to work on behalf of the most vulnerable and defend the rights of those who are not able to defend themselves. We fight specifically for those who, because of adverse social, economic, or family circumstances, have become victims of human trafficking, sexual exploitation, and/or labor exploitation.

At Fiet Gratia, we have decided to renounce passivity and indifference in order to accomplish something that will contribute to a better world. We invite you to take a look at the various projects and programs that we have developed.


International Cooperation

Since 2011 we have been working to help boys and girls at risk in Southeast Asia. We make on-site visits to offer social aid in various cities, providing medical campaigns, training workshops, and events for children.

In collaboration with the association “Femmes de Salem” established in West Africa, we are supporting a program directed toward the care and protection of the most vulnerable population, the children. Thanks to their childcare, many children are growing up in a safe and secure environment.

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