ONG Fiet Gratia


Fiet Gratia means

"To Give with Grace"

FIET GRATIA was founded in Spain in 2009 as a Development and Humanitarian Aid NGO

Our mission

FIET GRATIA’s goal is to create opportunities for the comprehensive development of the most disadvantaged people in the most vulnerable situations. Our desire is to empower them to have the possibility of enjoying a dignified life, without discrimination for reasons of race, gender, ideology, religious belief, social class or political opinion.

Our vision

FIET GRATIA’s vision is to be a model NGO, in Spain and abroad, working with victims of injustice, poverty, social exclusion, and especially with victims of human trafficking who have been deprived of their dignity and hope.

We take to heart the Hebrew proverb that says:

Open your mouth, judge righteously, and defend the rights of the afflicted and of those in need.

Do you need help?

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