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The closure of the brothels: A real solution?

During these past several weeks, the closure of the brothels or sex clubs as a way to control the contagion of COVID 19, appears to have revived the public debate, for the first time in a long time, about prostitution and the varying points of view it stirs up. We at Fiet Gratia, have been … Read more

Crisis of COVID-19: What will not change

The COVID-19 crisis that we are facing is radically changing our routines and expectations about absolutely everything. Overnight the scenario in which we were living was transformed. And even with the uncertainty about when this crisis will end – particularly the state of alarm – and what our world will look like tomorrow, what we … Read more


PSYCHOLOGICAL ACCOMPANIMENT FOR VICTIMS OF HUMAN TRAFFICKING IN RESIDENTIAL SAFE HOMES DURING COVID-19 We are living in difficult times and we are seeing our normal routines affected. Our contact with our loved ones is limited and our value as a society is being examined. Throughout our lives and as we grow as individuals, we have … Read more

Human trafficking victims and the Coronavirus. What happens to them?

What happens to the victims of human trafficking during the unprecedented times that we are currently living with the coronavirus crisis? Sheltering in place is difficult for us all, and Fiet Gratia supports sheltering in place to slow the advance of the Covid-19 pandemic.  Without deviating our attention from those who are directly affected by … Read more