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Crisis of COVID-19: What will not change

The COVID-19 crisis that we are facing is radically changing our routines and expectations about absolutely everything. Overnight the scenario in which we were living was transformed. And even with the uncertainty about when this crisis will end – particularly the state of alarm – and what our world will look like tomorrow, what we do know is that it will be a different world.

Behind each one of us who forms part of Fiet Gratia, lies the will to do whatever we can within our circumstances. Life has put on the parking brake, but we have not. Our NGO has put into practice plans to work remotely. From the beginning we activated protocols to prevent the risk of contagion in our safe homes. In other words, we have modified the methodology that we were accustomed to working with.

We are constantly evaluating our projects in order to accomplish our purpose in the best way possible: to help the vulnerable population. That is our main objective, our mission, and it has not changed. It will not change.

The individuals who find themselves in vulnerable situations, whatever that may look like – domestic violence (including human trafficking), poverty, inequality, persecution – continue to suffer. What’s more, if there is agreement among all of the speculation about our immediate future, it is that their vulnerability will increase.

For that reason, we know that although the majority of the current events will change or end, there is something that will not: the need to care for our neighbor.  Solidarity as a standard. The systems and indicators of our objectives are flexible, but our vision and mission are non-negotiable: that those individuals, where they suffer the most, where there are robbed of their dignity or suffer abuse and vulnerability, may recuperate their stolen rights. That is our resolution. That is what we work toward.

This is our hope: if we fight for others and for ourselves with the same intensity and passion, this crisis will be the platform to construct a better world.

Many may believe that these words simply form part of a well-prepared speech, and that it is not worthwhile to invest too much energy, thinking that our capacity to influence or impact is very limited. It is not the time to believe in ideas that block the change.

If something has been demonstrated in these days, it is that the details, the small actions of each individual, is what make a difference. Each individual impacts the community, and the community is important for each individual. Let us not forget these values.

In Fiet Gratia we are working as messengers of hope during the crisis of COVID-19. Since goals are popular these days, we would like to propose one, too: that we all would invest our capacity and energy in our areas of influence. Though it may appear small to us, there is no greater sermon than our example. Together we will do better and go farther.

Eleanor Roosevelt said, “light a candle instead of cursing the darkness.” Today we may feel impotent because we would like to do more. But wherever we are, we all can find a way to be light to others.

Ezequiel Escobar Bellshaw. Executive Director NGO Fiet Gratia

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