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Fiet Gratia’s ultimate goal is to work to achieve a better world. For a world in which even the most disadvantaged could have the opportunity and the tools to defend their rights, to defend themselves. That is why, although the activity of the organization is especially focused on ending human trafficking and sexual and/or labor exploitation, we have also taken our work beyond national borders. These are the projects we develop in South East-Asia and West Africa.

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South-East Asia

In some regions of South-East Asia, it is estimated that there are more than 200,000 enslaved minors, without taking into account those who are at risk.

Many of these children come from remote villages in India and Nepal without any access to education or other means of improving their living conditions. For this reason, we support a local children’s center that offers safe and effective alternatives in the middle of such adverse circumstances.

In 2018 we worked to improve the safety and living conditions of the children’s center by building a wall, repairing the roof of the residential center, providing improved sanitation and painting the home. In addition, we were able to provide mosquito netting and fans for the rooms, as well as shoes and clothing for the 100 children at the house. To round off the year 2018, we celebrated a special and emotive celebration, providing Christmas gifts for the 100 children.

We regularly make on-site trips to support the team of people who dedicate their lives to these children, to evaluate the progress of the house, and to set new objectives and goals.

Fiet Gratia

West Africa

In collaboration with the Femmes de Salem Association, established in West Africa, we are supporting a program based on prevention and protection of the most vulnerable population: children. Thanks to their childcare service, many children grow up in a healthy and safe environment.

Through these lines of collaboration, we directly support the fight against human trafficking in this country.

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