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Project Rescue began in 1997 with the goal of “rescuing and restoring” victims of sex slavery around the world, through holistic programs of prevention, intervention and physical, emotional and spiritual restoration, offering aftercare homes, vocational training, after-school programs, night care shelters, HIV/Aids as well as medical clinics and awareness and prevention programs. In 2015, Project Rescue opens its subsidiary in Spain, an initiative that allows us to join forces in this fight.

Phase One

Awareness and Prevention

In Fiet Gratia we have developed different actions that seek to prevent, raise awareness and educate on human trafficking and sexual exploitation. By doing so, we pretend to decrease tolerance to crime and increase social awareness.

We carry out these activities both with the society itself and with interest groups such as volunteers, state security forces, Public Administrations and other social entities. We also train our workers in order to provide them with the necessary tools for the correct development of their functions.

project rescue

Phase Two

Detection and identification

Women victims of human trafficking find themselves in different scenarios under conditions of slavery (street advertising, clubs, apartments, ICE). Wherever they are, we mobilize our team to offer them advice and full support. From FIET GRATIA we work actively to detect these people through:

Phase Three

Direct intervention

Not only do we believe in the need to work on awareness and prevention, as well as detection, but we also think the further integration of these women in society is vital, relying upon a specialized team in each area. To achieve this, we have three residential resources -in the Comunidad de Madrid, in Galicia and in the Comunidad Valenciana-. These welcome centers offer a new start to many women and their children, receiving total support, which consists on the following aspects:


Specialized therapeutic attention to offer the necessary tools to overcome the effects of post-traumatic stress disorder, which many of the women experience when they arrive at the residential resource.


Access to medical and dental services which will allow them to overcome pain and any health problems caused by their trafficking situation.


Actions aimed to the self-care of these women through sport activities, recreational outings, etc.


Elaboration of labor insertion itineraries based on previous skills training, in coordination with other organizations dedicated to this area.


In the residential resources where we have places for minors, we have a specific Mother-Educational Intervention Program, in order to provide mothers with the necessary tools to develop a healthy motherhood.


We work in an international network, so we coordinate with other organizations and resources in the origin countries of these women who decide to return voluntarily


Legal and administrative advice and assistance

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