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Solidarity Law Office

The main objective of this project is to defend those people who find themselves in a situation of social injustice, starting with Fiet Gratia’s project beneficiaries, including refugees, victims of human trafficking, victims of domestic violence, as well as those robbed of their fundamental rights who do not have the means to defend themselves, without contravening the purposes of our Entity. 

However, those persons and organizations that wish to hire us, and have the economic means to pay for the services, will be contributing 100% toward the support of the previously mentioned solidarity causes. 

The Solidarity Law Office offers multidisciplinary services and depends upon a team of experienced lawyers. The only cases that they will not assume for payment are those that are incompatible with the goals and social activities of the NGO.

The main goal of this professional firm is to assist, advise and defend with excellence victims of human trafficking who go through the assistance programs of the Project Rescue area, but also those persons who, being in a situation of extreme vulnerability and victims of social injustice, cannot afford to hire a trusted lawyer.

The intention is not to replace the  court-appointed lawyer- which means that those who do not have economic resources, can count on a professional to defend their interests – nor other social initiatives that exist and contribute to a fairer world. Our wish is to add to and to open up the way for a pioneering model of a sustainable and supportive law firm that cares for those in need. At the end of the day, the goal is to have the talent of professionals with a social vocation for the defense of those who need it most.

In the same way, we want to advise the beneficiaries based on excellence and not on gratuity, and defend their interests under the principle of responsibility, always looking for viable and practical solutions for their every need.

The second meaning of the word “solidarity” is that the sustainability of the project depends on the involvement of those people who, needing a lawyer to defend them, choose us. They do so because of the trust that hiring us implies, but also because of the incentive that they are investing in the defense of people who are victims of serious injustices and who cannot afford to pay the fees of a private professional. It is therefore a way of linking partners to our cause, who are more than clients: they are citizens who wish to invest and contribute in the building of a fairer world.

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